Karrie Marshall

Karrie has a background in nursing and person-centred counselling. She managed a care home for people with profound and complex needs, and worked for ten years as a lecturer in health and social care at Inverness College. Karrie first used puppetry in care in the 1980's and runs Zenwing Puppets with her partner Chris King (www.zenwingpuppets.com)

In 2011 she founded the social enterprise Creativity in Care CIC (www.creativityincare.org), which promotes inclusive and joyful work in care settings and in the community for people living with dementia and people who use mental health and learning disability services. Karrie lives in the Highlands of Scotland, and travels all over the UK. 

Her latest book is  'A Creative Toolkit for Communication in Dementia Care' Jessica Kingsley Publishers (2015) shows a variety of ways to support people's mental, physical, spiritual and social wellbeing through cfreative participation.

'Puppetry in Dementia Care: connecting through creativity and joy' Jessica Kingsley Publishers (2013) is a book about creative and uplifting ways of connecting with people when words, memory or relationships are affected by dementia. 

Presented Papers:


The Way It Was- staff stories and stories about staff’ K Marshall; Open University learning disability research group – Conference, Milton Keynes (2009)


‘Connecting Through Stories – creatively gathering and presenting sensitive stories about life in long-stay hospitals – a personal account ‘ K. Marshall,  Scottish Consortium for Learning Disability & OU Conference, Perth (2010)

‘Puppetry in health care settings’ K. Marshall, Hands On – Symposium on applied puppetry, The Little Angel Theatre (& CSSD), London (2011)

‘We told each other secrets when the lights went out – stories from Craig Phadrig and People First Highland’  – K. Marshall, Open University learning disability research group – Conference, Milton Keynes (2011)

Published articles:

'Life stories, intellectual disability, cultural heritage and ethics: dilemmas in researching and (re)presenting accounts from the Scottish Highlands. K. Marshall & Dr. E. K. Tilley ; Ethics and Social Welfare Journal vol 7 issue 4 (2013)

‘Puppets know laughter and tears with amazing grace’ K. Marshall (2011) Northings Journal

‘The joy of puppetry with people with dementia’ K. Marshall UNIMA Australia Magazine (2011)

Other Writings:

Supervision in a care settings; open learning pack. K.Marshall Scottish Qualifications Authority, (2006)

 ‘Using Puppets for imparting corporate training’; chapter by K Marshall &  C. King; (2006)  in Creativity In Training; Sumati Reddy (Ed); Icfai University Press, India ISBN 81-314-0510-9

RMA and PDA Managing Care Services; K. Marshall Inverness College UHI, (2004-2008)