Karrie Marshall

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'I heard from participants about the enormous benefits... they were unanimous in their praise. It had been life-changing'

Julie Simmons

Adult Learning Manager

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Consultancy Programmes

'The book provides an excellent justification for the use of art in healthcare.'

Dr Samantha Murphy, 
The Open University  

'An excellent read.. I've used this book for daily inspiration... It reminds us what 'person-centred' really means.' 

''Not only was this programme creative, nurturing and fun, it also made us better staff. I can't think of a better training course than this.'

Participant Feedback 

Creativity In Dementia Care

'She reminds us that we've not yet grasped the full power of the arts to change lives.'

Robert Livingston
Director of HI-Arts

maggie and rocky


Founding Director of 

Creativity In Care Community Interest Company

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